Working for convenience

Safety and ease of material handling has been our goal to develop our products.

Parts used inside of container are made of annodized Aluminum and Stainless steel. If higher hygienic standards were to be met, the rust free environment is a must. We do ease such headaches of cold chain hauling fleets.

These materials are applied to roll-up doors, bulkheads and floor mecahnisms.


Product line

Over 10 years experiences encompass product lines of:

  • Door: Roll-up door, Sliding door, Gull wing doors
  • Floor: Hydroll system, Skate
  • Bulkheads: Aluminum, Foam laminated, Movable Strip curtain
  • Rear entry: Liftgate
  • lg_indx


Video clips

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Briefly shown are Al. bulkhead, powered roll-up door and hydroll floor system in action.