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Overhead Door

Simple product lines cover all traditional overhead door requirements.

  • Dry freight Double-wall Aluminum door »more
  • Reefer Urethane-foamed Aluminum door »more
  • Manual or power operation »more

The anodized aluminum panels are desined-in for both performance and appearance. Also for cost factor. These aluminum structure proves itself over 10 years in Korea the performances beneficial to hauling fleets asked to meet rather high hygienic standards. Recently, steel moving parts, such as roller and hinge, easily attacked by moisture are replaced by Stainless Steel ones to make near perfect rust-free structure.

hinge_ss roller


  • Material (AL 6063 -T5), structure (double-wall, horizontal web reinforcement) and anodized surface of panel interactively work to achieve maximum door durability.ru_channel
  • Rust-proof design: anodized aluminum pannel, stainless steel hinges and roller stem, corrosion-resistant coatings for steeel parts. (REFER TO PARTS LIST) »more
  • Double-sealed, inclined joints prevent water inflows.
  • Anodized panel surface accommodates user-friendly coatings.
  • Two-cable balancer with independent spring for each cable standard

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Dry Freight Door »more, Reefer Door »more

Sliding Door

Sliding door allows easy access to the side of container and parking freedom at limited clearance of space.

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Gullwing Door

Access to the sides is easy and wide with Gullwing door. An electric switch controls the promotional products operations of wings which are hydraulically activated.

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